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14 December 2012

Internet Speed decreases in India

Internet Speed Decreases in India

Over the next few days or weeks, we will see the reduction in download speed for us. Its not the problems in service providers as the communication in INDIA is hit owing to outages in three submarine cables that are part of the undersea cable network. It is this network that connects India to the global communications system.

The Current breakdown is likely to impact service provided by Airtel, TATA, Reliance, MTNL and BSNL.

Technical Details:
These 3 cables - SMW-4, IMEWE and EIG cables, which connect land-based transmission terminal stations across continents, are laid for tens of thousands of kilometres along the seabed. Fixing this is a complex procedure that uses advanced reflectometry techniques and may take weeks.

The reason for the current outage may be due to an attack by three divers, who were arrested by the Egyptian Navy who found them trying to cut an undersea cable, near the Alexandria port.However its not clear.

Bharti Airtel is working with the cable consortium for restoration of services. The voice traffic has been completely normalised in AIRTEL network and proper steps are also taken for routing for data traffic through alternate routes.

BSNL says that its domestic traffic is not affected, Its internaltional traffic seems to have a small time lag as it depends only on SMW-4 cable out of the 3 mentioned above. Now BSNL is routing its traffic via alternate routes by programming High-End routers.  So BSNL brodband speed is likely to be less affected.

The Restoration will be done within few weeks as soon as possible says Seacom, an international private cabling systems company that owns and operates submarine cables


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