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12 July 2013

Comfyi Solution Interview process , salary and review

Comfyi Solution Interview

Company Details:
Comfyi Solution, Pioneer in proffering Resource Management in Different domains on IT, ITES, Non IT & Finance across the Indian industrial segments. It is specialized in IT Career Specialist, Ultimate Search, Web Optimization, Internet Sourcing Analyst.

(0-1 years) Software Engineer Tester- Fresher openings at Chennai
(0-1 years) Software Engineer Java Developer- Fresher openings at Chennai
(0-1 years) Software Engineer .Net developer- Fresher openings at Chennai
(0-1 years) Web designer- Fresher openings at Chennai
(0-1 years) Oracle - Fresher openings at Chennai 
(0-1 years) PHP - Fresher openings at Chennai

Job summary:
Company Name: Comfyi Solution
Experience: 0-1 years
Education: (UG – Any Graduate – Any Specialization) AND (PG – Any Postgraduate – Any Specialization, Post Graduation Not Required) AND ( Doctorate – Any Doctorate – Any Specialization, Doctorate Not Required)
Location: Chennai
Industry: IT-Software / Software Services

Contact details:
Company name: Comfyi Solution
Web Site: www. comfyisolution.com

The above mentioned details were the details provided by the company at Naukri, Monster etc...

But what are they actually ???
To know about it, we went there to attend a interview to know better about them...

It was like a old age house boarded as "Comfyi solutions" located at Anna Nagar test.
After entering the house (how it looked like :P), there is a veranda where entry register is kept. There is about 8-9 chairs. They say that its a reception....

Our team waited there to observe more...

A Man was there wearing some specs powdered well. A lady was working for him it seems..
Initially the lady collected all resumes. They told us to mention the post for which we are applying and the reference like Naukri, monster etc..

They called one by one inside the house to attend the interview. It is a big room with about 10 chairs entirely new.

No one used it yet it seems as there were no employees...

That powdered man was sitting in front of the system.He triggered me some questions  by googling.

For testing - Black box testing, whitebox....
PHP - sessions, cookies, audio and video (Infact audio and video is not from PHP)
C++ - constructor, destructor, garbage collector

After this technical round he will be sending all of us telling us "We will intimate you shortly"

The same day evening time at around 6PM, all of you will get a message like this.

Hi XXXX, Call us immediately to 9381278999 for your interview feedback - COMFYI SOLUTIONS, Anna Nagar Chennai

If you call them, they will say that
" You are shortlisted for our clients company. We will be sending you soon to them and you should pay rupees 2500/- so that we will be giving interview questions for that MNC company"

So finally, Its a consultancy..

We didn test that they were fake or not...
But when you type comfyi solutions complaints you can get a lot in google. So mostly our guess is that its fake.

So you can go there only if you feel tat u need a timepass..

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  1. thanks a lot for helping fresher candidates like us :)

  2. thanx for the info I too received the same msg at evening...

  3. How these people are still surviving.Immediately we have to through them to jail