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31 January 2013

Anna University GE6152 - Engineering Graphics exam tips

Anna University
B.E. / B.Tech Degree Examination
GE6152 - Engineering Graphics

Tips to score high marks

Here is the set of 16 instructions to be followed to get higher marks in Engineering Graphics even though if you don't know how to proceed the answers....

1) Must attend all the five questions.

2) Answer the questions in the regular order, ie., 1,2,3,4 & 5 in order. Don't change the order.

3) Students should read the question minimum two times before answering.

4) Question Number, Given Data and Result for all the problems must be written with neat hand writing.

5) Dimensioning is must for all drawings. Don't forget the MM at the end. (Eg: 120 MM)

6) Use proper Pencils during the examination for all problems.

2H - Generator lines, Projector lines, Dimension lines.
HB - Edges, Visible edges
HB (Dashed lines) - Invisible edges.

7) Cylinder and Cone has no edges (Use only 2H Pencil for inner generator lines).

8) Write "ALL DIMENSIONS ARE IN MM" at the bottom above the margin

9) Neatness and neat hand writing is must. So at least practice the Numbering.

10) The first drawing without the erasing is impressed more than the one having some erased impressions in the paper.

11) Margin line is must.

12) Don't draw in the backside of the drawing sheet.

13) Let the distance between dashed lines and length of dashed lines be same. Don't draw uneven dashed lines.

14) Dimensioning must be below the line always. On any rare occurrence, it may be above the line.

15) When using the scale the carbon of the pencil remains in the scale edges, it may mark improper greyish color around the paper. So clean it regularly.

16) Take 30 minutes for each sum. If you cannot finish it in 30 minutes, take extra 5 minutes and draw the remaining figure roughly (i.e with scale and without any proper measurement) and show it as neat one. wrong but neat diagram also enhance the marks. Instead of leaving a question for 20 marks, getting 15 marks for both questions is better.

All the best from CSE TUBE.

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