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28 May 2013

Anna University Answer Sheet – How to Fill answer sheet front page – Fill Front page details

Anna University Answer Sheet Filling – How to Fill answer sheet front page – Filling Front page details in Answer Sheet

We can see the common doubt doubt arising amongst students "How to Fill Front page of the answer sheet"
Anna University Answer sheet has the following parts:
1. Front Page
2. Instructions to fill the front page
3. Graph Page
4. Part - A Section
5. Part - B Section
6. Rough Use page

A Brief Explanation of above said parts of Answer Sheet:

1. Front page – First page contain columns to write 15 student details with regards to exam such as  
  1. Anna university Register number
  2. College Name, 
  3. College code, 
  4. Course, 
  5. Branch, 
  6. Question Paper code, 
  7. Subject code, 
  8. Subject Title, 
  9. Semester
  10. Year
  11. Date 
  12. Session (AN or FN )
  13. Number of pages, 
  14. Hall supervisor sign and name, 
  15. Mark Entering Columns ( Columns for Individual Mark for each question and Total marks)
Important Points to Keep in mind:
  • Be Careful while writing your register Number
  • Fill the above mentioned 15 details correctly.
  • Write the Question Paper code from the question paper. 
  • Write the correct college code from your Hall Ticket. 
  • Write the subject Name, Subject code either from the hall ticket or from the question paper.
  • Get the sign from the hall superintendent without fail. They will check the details with hall ticket and sign it.
  • A form will be given to you to write your Answer sheet number. Write it correctly and sign.
  • After finish writing the exam, fill the number of pages used.
2. Answer sheet of Anna University Second page consists of information for filling the Front page as illustrated in previous point.
3.Next sheet has Graph. Graph is used for students to draw graphs when they need it.
4.Next 6 pages is allocated for writing 2 marks. Question numbers for the 2 marks will be printed. Appropriate answer must be written in appropriate space provided.For each 2 mark, only half page is allocated. If any mistake is made Or if the space is not enough use the 6th page.
5. Next you can write Part B 16 mark questions.
6. A page for rough use – This page can be used for rough work and this page will not be evaluated and considered.

All the Best for your exams

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  1. pls help !!!!if number of pages is not written then what will ahppen

  2. If you leave any page in between unknowingly, then the pages after that wont be corrected. That's all..

    Don worry... Nothing will happen..

  3. please help... what semester to write in arrear exam.. like I'm in 7th Sem but have m4 arrear so what semester number to write in answer sheet first page, 4 or 7..

  4. What will happen if we tear the graph sheet from the answer booklet unknowingly and then attached inside un ....will the answer booklet be corrected?

  5. I wrote number of pages =15 instead of 30. will it be a problem?

  6. Not written a no.of pages instead of not leaving the in between pages,it will affect my marks?