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17 June 2013

Anna University CGPA Calculator usage instructions for CSE TUBE

CSE TUBE - Anna university CGPA Calculator instructions

This can also be used for finding how much should we study to get the appropriate percentage or CGPA.
  • Wait for the excel sheet to load. It takes few minutes depending on the speed of system your system.
  • We have tried to keep the mark in the order of the results for 1st to 5th semester
  • Since Electives starts from 6th semester,ordering cant be maintained in it. So check your subject. Don't change the credits column.
  1. Enter grades with respect to the subjects in the grade column.
  2. People who took Numerical methods as electives in 6th semester, change the credit as 4 and enter your corresponding grade.
  3. AU Madurai and Tirunelveli students enter your grades to your corresponding subject.
  4. For arrears, change the respective subject credits to "0" 
  5. Lateral entry students, change the credits of 1st and 2nd semester subjects as "0"
  6. Both GPA and CGPA is calculated simutaneously here..
  7. For calculating CGPA Enter the credit column as "0" for the various semesters for which you have not got your result.
  8. If you have any doubts, mail us to csetube@gmail.com

Enter the Grades corresponding to the subjects in the respective column to get your CGPA.

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  2. i had cleared my 3rd sem arrear paper in 4th sem where n how to include it to calculate my gpa n cgpa ? pls help me