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6 July 2013

Athena Health placement process

Athena Health placement Process

First Round :

Puzzle Round
Ten Puzzles
            - Time 1 Hr

Second Round:

Programming Round
3 questions
           - Time 1 Hr

Testing Round
Identify the errors in the code provided. Write the test cases that would reveal those errors
          -  Time 1/2 Hr

Interview Process

1. For the Position of Programmer

Two rounds of technical interview with HR

HR Round 1:
Tell me about yourself
About something you did in your college
Proper Data structure algorithm for a program that was solved by you in previous round.
Data Structures General questions

HR Round 2:
Data Structure puzzles
Questions from your resume

2. For the position of Quality Assurance

2 HR Rounds about testing principles and generating test cases
Questions from quality

Tats it....

They use PERL for developing their products. Knowledge of PERL is an added advantage.
Concentrate on General puzzles.
Concentrate on DS puzzles.

For Samples of questions - Click Here

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