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3 May 2013

CS2053 / 80230054 Soft computing notes for AU Chennai 8th sem and AU Coimbatore 7th semester

Anna University

Eighth Semester
Computer Science Engineering

CS2053 / 80230054 - SOFT COMPUTING
(Regulation 2008)

University: Anna University

Year: Fourth Year

Department: B.E Computer Science and Engineerin

Semester: VIII (AU Chennai), VII (AU Coimbatore)

Subject code: CS2053 / 80230054

Subject Name: Soft Computing

Regulation: 2008
Content: Soft computing Notes for Anna University Chennai 8th semester and Anna University Coimbatore 7th semester

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Soft computing introduction
fuzzy computing
fuzzy set, fuzzy operations
neural computing
genetic algorithms
Associative memory
Adaptive resonance theory

Notes 2 - View CS2053 Soft Computing - Notes 2 /// Download CS2053 Soft Computing Notes 2
Neural network
Artificail neuron
Neural network architectures
Learning in NN
Taxonomy of NN
Single layer NN system
Adaptive linear element (ADALINE)
Application of NN

Notes 3  - View CS2053 Soft Computing - Notes 3 /// Download CS2053 Soft Computing Notes 3
Back propagation n/w
back propagation learning
back propagation algorithm

Notes 4 - View CS2053 Soft Computing Notes 4 /// Download CS2053 Soft Computing Notes 4
Associative memory
classes of AM
Associative memory models
Auto associative memory
hetero-associative memory

Notes 5 - View CS2053 Soft Computing Notes 5 /// Download CS2053 Soft Computing Notes 5
Adaptive resonance theory
ART networks
ART architecture
Iterative Clustering
Unsupervised ART Clusetring

Notes 6  - View CS2053 Soft Computing Notes 6 /// Download CS2053 Soft Computing Notes 6
Fuzzy set theory
Fuzzy membership & graphical representation
Fuzzy operations
fuzzy properties
Fuzzy relations

Notes 7 - View CS2053 Soft Computing Notes 7 /// Download CS2053 Soft Computing Notes 7
Fuzzy system elements
Classical logic
fuzzy logic
fuzzy rule based system

Notes 8 - View CS2053 Soft Computing Notes 8 /// Download CS2053 Soft Computing Notes 8
Genetic algorithms & Modelling
operators of genetic algorithm
Basic Genetic algorithm

Notes 9 - View CS2053 Soft Computing Notes 9 /// Download CS2053 Soft Computing Notes 9
Hybrid systems
Neuro fuzzy hybrid
Back propagation networks
Fuzzy back propagation networks

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