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11 May 2013

CS2063 / CS810 - Grid Computing (GC) Topic wise Content notes

Anna University

Eighth Semester

Computer Science Engineering


(Regulation 2008)
Unit Wise Topic wise Notes 

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University: Anna University

Year: Fourth Year(CSE)

Department: B.E Computer Science and Engineering
Semester: VIII

Subject code: CS2063 / CS810

Subject Name: Grid Computing

Regulation: 2008

Type: Notes

Content: CS2063 / CS810 - Grid Computing (GC) Topic wise Content notes for CSE 8th semester

Unit 1:
Introduction, Review of Web Services, OGSA, WSRF - View / Download

Unit 2:
Grid Monitoring Architecture (GMA) , GridICE, JAMM, MDS-Network Weather Service, Ganglia and GridMon - View / Download

Unit 3:
Grid Security - View / Download
Grid Scheduling and resource Management - View / Download

Unit 4:
Grid Portal - View / Download
Grid Data Management - View / Download

Unit 5:
List of Grid Middleware - View / Download
Glite introduction - View / Download
Glite WMS - View / Download
WMS Architecture, Job Description language - View / Download
GT3 - View / Download

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