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8 March 2013

How to find other Person's Anna University Results ?

Here we are going to tell you how to find the other person's Anna University results.To find Anna university results for a person, we should know his roll number.
How to find his roll number ?

This is a random process which is sure to succeed with limited no of queries.

Firstly we have to analyze Anna University Roll numbers.

Anna University has 2 Kinds of roll numbers
(i) 11 Digit (For students admitted on or before 2010)
(ii) 12 Digit (For students admitted on or above 2011)

The Registration Numbers is specified by the following criteria

1. College Code
  • 4 Digit for students admitted on or above 2011
  • 3 Digit for students admitted on or before 2010
2. Year - Last 2 digits of the batch starting year

3. Course Code - A 3 digit code is allotted for each course which is put here.

4. Student Number - A 3 digit number ranging from 0 to 299

Suppose if a register number is 40709104051
Split it into parts 407, 09, 104, 051

407 - College code (Here its GKM College)

09 - Year (Here its 2009 as joining year)

104 - Subject Code (Here its 104 for Computer Science)

051 - Student Number  (This we have to put in random)

So To find a students roll number

1. Find his college, Find the college code.
You can easily find the college code by searching in GOOGLE.

2. Find his year of entry to the college.
If he is lateral entry, Take his year of entry - 1 as year code

3. Find the department

Here is a list of department codes
101-B.E. Aeronautical Engineering
102-B.E. Automobile Engineering
103-B.E. Civil Engineering
104-B.E. Computer Science and Engineering
105-B.E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
106-B.E. Electronics and Communication Engineering
107-B.E. Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
112-B.E. Instrumentation and Control Engineering
113-B.E. Marine Engineering
114-B.E. Mechanical Engineering
120-B.E. Production Engineering
121-B.E. Biomedical Engineering
184-B.E. Electronics And Communication Engineering(Part Time)
185-B.E. Mechanical Engineering(Part Time)
203-B.Tech. Chemical Engineering
205-B.Tech. Information Technology
212-B.Tech. Textile Technology
214-B.Tech. Biotechnology
216-B.Tech. Textile Technology(Fashion Technology)
219-B.Tech. Petroleum Engineering
220-B.Tech. Plastics Technology

4. Student Number
Only way to find the number is just by random search from 001 - 299

If a student is a direct second year (or) Lateral entry his number will be in the range of 3xx
For students admitting in second year from B.Sc the number will be in the range of 4xx
If a student is transferred from other college his number will be in the range of 5xx
If a student is re admitted after a break, the number will be in the range of 9xx

Thus by combining 1234, we can get a student roll number range and get his marks easily.

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