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6 March 2013

How to apply NASSCOM NAC TEST privately ?

NAC-Tech Retail Drive

NASSCOM announces the launch of the 'Retail' event for the NAC-Tech test. This will enable individual candidates to pay on their own & appear for NAC-Tech at various cities/designated retail centers across the country.

NASSCOM, with active participation of IT industry players, has designed NAC-Tech, which is aimed at creating a robust and continuous pipeline of talent by transforming the "trainable" workforce into an "employable" workforce.

As working with the IT industry involves working primarily for global clients, that too in a global environment, the preferred language (medium of instruction) is English.

The retail drive is scheduled to take place on Saturday - March 23, 2013.

Eligibility criteria

All 2012 and 2013 Engineering students
MCA, MSc-IT candidates

Registration Process:


Candidates to get Demand Draft (DD) made in favor of 'Attest Testing Services Ltd.', payable at Mumbai

(The candidate can chose to take Part A of the test OR Part A + Part B.
The test fee for both is mentioned below:
NAC-Tech Part A: Test fee of Rs.158 + Center fee of Rs.70
NAC-Tech Part A + B: Test fee of Rs.237 + Center fee of Rs.70)


 DD to be submitted at the test center, where the candidate wants to take the test
Last date: 05 March 2013 (07:00 am) to 21-March 2013 (07:00 pm)

Step-3: Upon receiving the DD, center will issue the following to the candidate:

  1. Receipt against the DD
  2. Unique User ID/Password (to be used by candidate for online registration before the date specified ,For more details for registration Click Here)


Candidates to fill registration form on the NAC-Tech website (www.nactech.nasscom.in) using the given User ID/Password & print the Admission Card immediately after that.

Cost of printing of Admission Card is included in the Center Fee of Rs.70 (restricted only to one page)


 Candidates to come to the center for the test as per the date/time mentioned on the Admission Card
Score Card to be printed by the candidates immediately after the test 23 March 2013(Saturday)

For more details for registration Click Here

NAC-Tech test to take place at the following cities:

CLICK HERE for the list of test centers (Please note the 'off days' for the centers, as shown in the list. On off days, centers will be closed.)


  1. The name & address of the test center will appear on the NAC-Tech Admission Card once candidate successfully registers on NAC website.
  2. Due to limited centre capacity, allocation of seats will happen on first-come-first-served basis.
  3. The online registration form has two sections:
  4. Where one must upload the soft copy of his/her recent passport size photograph in jpeg, jpg or gif format, of size less than 1 MB
  5. Where one needs to choose & fill-in the unique no. of any of the following 5 photo-ID documents:
  6. PAN / Election ID / Driving License / Passport / College ID
  7. Candidate must bring the 'chosen document' to the test centre (at the time of the test) in original for verification purposes

For any queries
For all related queries, please write to nactech@nasscom.in

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