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20 March 2013

Portions to concentrate for NASSCOM - NAC Tech exams

NAC-Tech assess the students to identify the level of talent which is available across India, especially in Tier II and Tier III cities and provides feedback to them on areas they need to work on to improve their employability.

Eligibility for NAC-Tech

- All 2012 and 2013 candidate of BE, B.Tech, MCA, MSc-IT are eligible to take the test
- Preferred Scores of candidates: 60% aggregate in graduation, 12th standard & 10th standard

How to clear NAC-Tech exams ?
NAC-Test exam concentrates on Core subjects.

For IT domain, It concentrates on the following papers.

This exam is not as tough as GATE. But its 25% less harder than Gate.
To get high score in this exam, you must prepare in the following subjects...

  1. Electric Circuits and Electron Devices,
  2. Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering,
  3. Analog and Digital Communication,
  4. Environmental Science and Engineering,
  5. Object Oriented Programming,
  6. Data Structures,
  7. Digital Principles and Systems Design,
  8. Design and Analysis of Algorithms,
  9. Database Management Systems,
  10. Microprocessors and Microcontrollers,
  11. Operating Systems,
  12. Computer Organization and Architecture,
  13. Software Engineering,
  14. System Software,
  15. Computer Networks,
  16. Theory of Computation,
  17. Programming Paradigms,
  18. Principles of Compiler Design,
  19. Advanced Computer Architecture,
  20. Artificial Intelligence,
  21. Object Oriented Analysis and Design,
  22. Advanced Database Technology,
  23. Visual Programming,
  24. Advanced JAVA Programming,
  25. Web Technology,
  26. Embedded Systems,
  27. UNIX Internals,
  28. Cryptography and Network Security,
  29. Mobile and Pervasive Computing,
  30. Software Testing,
  31. C# and .NET Framework,
  32. Data Warehousing and Data Mining,
  33. Real Time Systems,
  34. TCP/IP Design and Implementation,
  35. Signals and systems,
  36. High Speed Network,
  37. Information Security,
  38. Signals and systems,
  39. Adhoc Sensor Network

Apart from this some ECE dept knowledge regarding radio transmission is also required.

So prepare this and try to attend NASSCOM's NAC-Test to enter top companies without Aptitude round..
NASSCOM Sample questions will be posted soon...

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