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27 December 2012

Free Placement Training from May 25th to June 16th

Facebook most trusted Placement admin team had planned to conduct training classes to help students in a much better way, kindly register for the sessions in the below link. The main motto behind conducting this training session is to give an overview about job opportunities to all, to create idea about how to proceed forward in ur life, to help you in cracking aptitude, technical, GD and interviews, to give an overall exposure about IT industry.

The session includes, aptitude class, technical seminars, technical training related to IT industry ( this will give yu a very gud exposure abt IT industry), job opportunities available, govt job opportunities, HR interview tips, open session to all to clarfy ur queries, other areas in wh yu can shine and few more which are going to be handled by our admin team.

We planned for a best set of classes durng this training which will help yu in ur job search. As we said earlier, we are not even charging even a single rupee from any of the students nor asking any kind of donations directly or indirectly. This is purely in the idea to help you all to grow in ur life..

The training session will start from May 25th Saturday and will run every saturday and sunday till June 16th. A total of 8 days will come in this time and the class timings will be 2:00pm-5:00pm.

A detailed plan  will be sent to registered students through mail. Kindly register with ur individual mail id's and do not register in groups. The training session is planned in Chennai as of now and ppl from other places, kindly bare with us. If everything goes well, we will come up with some more plans to help all others as well. Do not make multiple entries form single ID and we will remove such ID's. You need to bring in the confirmation mail to the class so as to avoid any kind of problems.

Venue: Qspiders testing training academy, Vadapalani.
Landmark: Straight opposite to kamala theatre.

View our FB group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/placementtraining2013/

Register Here:

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22 December 2012

HS2111 / 80020001 / HS1101 / HS11 / 10177TE101 - Technical English I - Jan 2009 ,2011, 2012 question papers

Anna University
B.E / B.Tech Degree Examination

First Semester
 Common to all Departments

HS2111 / 80020001 / HS1101 / HS11 / 10177TE101
Technical English - I

(Regulations - 2008)

Semester : 1

Year: I

Department : All

Subject Code :  HS2111 / 80020001 / HS1101 / HS11 / 10177TE101

Subject Name : Technical English - I

Type : Question Paper

Syllabus Regulation : 2008

Attachment Type : Pdf

Details :  HS2111 / 80020001 / HS1101 / HS11 / 10177TE101 - Technical English I - Question Paper

- January 2009 question paper         - View
- May / June 2009
question paper   - View
- May / June 2010
question paper   - View
- January 2011
question paper         - View
- January 2012
question paper         - View
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PH2111 / 80040001 / HS1102 / PH13 / 10177PH103 - Engineering Physics Animation notes

Anna University
B.E / B.Tech Degree Examination

First Semester
 Common to all Departments

PH2111 / 80040001 / HS1102 / PH13 / 10177PH103
Engineering Physics - I

(Regulations - 2008)
Animation Notes

Semester : 1

Year: I

Department : All

Subject Code : PH2111 / 80040001 / HS1102 / PH13 / 10177PH103

Subject Name : Engineering Physics I

Type : Animation Notes

Syllabus Regulation : 2008

Attachment Type : Animation CD image

Details : PH2111 / 80040001 / HS1102 / PH13 / 10177PH103- Engineering Physics I - Animation Notes

Sample Screenshot: 

How to use ?
1.Download the file from the given link from csetube official site by torrent (or) direct download.
2. Open VRB.exe or physics.exe
3. Enjoy learning

Direct download physics.rar - Click Here
Torrent download -  Click Here Note: Extract the file and run physics.swf (Adobe flash needed)

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14 December 2012

Internet Speed decreases in India

Internet Speed Decreases in India

Over the next few days or weeks, we will see the reduction in download speed for us. Its not the problems in service providers as the communication in INDIA is hit owing to outages in three submarine cables that are part of the undersea cable network. It is this network that connects India to the global communications system.

The Current breakdown is likely to impact service provided by Airtel, TATA, Reliance, MTNL and BSNL.

Technical Details:
These 3 cables - SMW-4, IMEWE and EIG cables, which connect land-based transmission terminal stations across continents, are laid for tens of thousands of kilometres along the seabed. Fixing this is a complex procedure that uses advanced reflectometry techniques and may take weeks.

The reason for the current outage may be due to an attack by three divers, who were arrested by the Egyptian Navy who found them trying to cut an undersea cable, near the Alexandria port.However its not clear.

Bharti Airtel is working with the cable consortium for restoration of services. The voice traffic has been completely normalised in AIRTEL network and proper steps are also taken for routing for data traffic through alternate routes.

BSNL says that its domestic traffic is not affected, Its internaltional traffic seems to have a small time lag as it depends only on SMW-4 cable out of the 3 mentioned above. Now BSNL is routing its traffic via alternate routes by programming High-End routers.  So BSNL brodband speed is likely to be less affected.

The Restoration will be done within few weeks as soon as possible says Seacom, an international private cabling systems company that owns and operates submarine cables


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12 December 2012

M3 / TPDE Question paper leak info's & Updates... (MA2211 / MA 31 / MA1201 A / CK 201 / 10177 MA 301 / 080100008 / 080210001 / MAU 211 / ETMA 9211)

MA2211  / MA 31 / MA1201 A / CK 201 / 10177 MA 301 / 080100008 / 080210001 / MAU 211 / ETMA 9211 - Transforms and partial differential equation examination was conducted on december 7 2012. Some rumors have been spread in all colleges regarding the leak in M3 question paper on the previous day of the exam like previous semester's EDC (Electric devices and Electron circuits) exam...

However, Anna University officials deny this saying that there has been no evidence of any paper leak as of now. The paper leak doesn’t have any proof as such as previous semester's EDC exam. A team of professors is looking into this issue. They will announce the next step in this issue in two days, if the suspicions of paper leak are found to be valid.

So Students who wroteMathematics III (TPDE) examination are worried that they may be forced to take a re-test.as more than 80 percent of the questions were previous year questions.Since the paper was very easy, many arrear students felt that they may clear it this time,

Some senior professors informed their students that the tentative date of the exam is January 10, 2013 . But there is no official notification from the Anna University.

Official News:
Anna University Vice Chancellor, P.Kaliraj contacted "The Indian Express" daily on 12th December. On December 13,2012 , "The Indian Express" published the information provided by P.Kaliraj, Vice Chancellor, Anna University under the topic "No Question Paper Leak: Anna University VC" on page number 6. So Anna University confirmed that there is no re-exam for "M3" (or) "TPDE" Examination.

In the news it was informed that Anna University did not intimate any college regarding the re examination. Anna University Vice chancellor,Mr.P.Kaliraj also informed that the question paper available in the internet is a previous year question paper. The current examination paper and previous year paper were much similar with slight omissions and additions. He also said that there was a thorough investigation regarding this issue, but there were no evidence favoring the question paper leak. So the judgement came favor to the students of Anna University stating that there is no re-exam for Mathematics 3 November / December 2012 examination written on december 7, 2012

Hope so students who wrote the M3 exam are feeling a heavy sigh of relief after hearing this information now.
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