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12 July 2013

Comfyi Solution Interview process , salary and review

Comfyi Solution Interview

Company Details:
Comfyi Solution, Pioneer in proffering Resource Management in Different domains on IT, ITES, Non IT & Finance across the Indian industrial segments. It is specialized in IT Career Specialist, Ultimate Search, Web Optimization, Internet Sourcing Analyst.

(0-1 years) Software Engineer Tester- Fresher openings at Chennai
(0-1 years) Software Engineer Java Developer- Fresher openings at Chennai
(0-1 years) Software Engineer .Net developer- Fresher openings at Chennai
(0-1 years) Web designer- Fresher openings at Chennai
(0-1 years) Oracle - Fresher openings at Chennai 
(0-1 years) PHP - Fresher openings at Chennai

Job summary:
Company Name: Comfyi Solution
Experience: 0-1 years
Education: (UG – Any Graduate – Any Specialization) AND (PG – Any Postgraduate – Any Specialization, Post Graduation Not Required) AND ( Doctorate – Any Doctorate – Any Specialization, Doctorate Not Required)
Location: Chennai
Industry: IT-Software / Software Services

Contact details:
Company name: Comfyi Solution
Web Site: www. comfyisolution.com

The above mentioned details were the details provided by the company at Naukri, Monster etc...

But what are they actually ???
To know about it, we went there to attend a interview to know better about them...

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9 July 2013

How to make Nayar facebook connect plugin for MYBB redirect to page where you clicked that button rather than index page?

Solution for Fbconnect Redirecting to Index page

If you really love your site and have taken time to build your site and if you know the workflow, you will find one absurd behavior of the Nayar FB connect plugin. When you register or login, you will be redirected to the index page rather than the page from where you had clicked fbconnect.

To rectify this, Find 
$my_url = $mybb->settings['bburl']."/fbcore/fbconnect.php";
1. Place this code below it.
        $redirect_url = htmlentities($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']);
     //echo $redirect_url;
        $redirect_url = 'index.php';
    setcookie("LastURL", $redirect_url, time()+60);
2. Replace all occurrences of
window.location = \"../index.php\"

 window.location = \"".$_COOKIE["LastURL"]."\"
3. Replace 
//Add his Facebbok UID into database
if($mybb->input['url'] != "" )
        redirect(htmlentities($mybb->input['url']), $lang->redirect_loggedin);
                $fbconnectjavascript = "";  
                //Add his Facebbok UID into database
That's it now, your plugin works fine...

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6 July 2013

Athena Health Sample Placement questions

Athena Health Sample Placement questions

Round 1:
1) N people were in a party and were seated in a circular manner. If each of the two present in
the party, except the pairs that were adjacent,sang a song and If a song lasted for 2 mins and
28 mins was taken for singing the songs, find N.

2) Let’s play a game of Russian roulette. You are tied to your chair and can’t get up. Here’s a
gun. Here’s the barrel of the gun, six chambers, all empty. Now watch me as I put a single
bullet in the gun. I close the barrel and spin it. I put a gun to your head and pull the trigger.
Click. Lucky you! Now I’m going to pull the trigger one more time. Which would you prefer,
that I spin the barrel first, or that I just pull the trigger

3) Five pirates discover a chest full of 100 gold coins. The pirates are ranked by their
years of service, Pirate #5 having five years of service, Pirate #4 four years, and so on down to
Pirate #1 with only one year of deck scrubbing under his belt. To divide up the loot, they
agree on the following:

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Athena Health placement process

Athena Health placement Process

First Round :

Puzzle Round
Ten Puzzles
            - Time 1 Hr

Second Round:

Programming Round
3 questions
           - Time 1 Hr

Testing Round
Identify the errors in the code provided. Write the test cases that would reveal those errors
          -  Time 1/2 Hr

Interview Process

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