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About Us

What we do ?

CSE TUBE was started in 26th November 2011 by Sriram, a 3rd year BE CSE Student with an idea to help his fellow mates to learn something from him. Gradually the site developed its way to help all CSE Students under Anna University chennai.

Here in CSE TUBE, we just provide solutions to people by guiding them in a right way. We provide materials for free to download most of which are prepared by us for you. There are upto 2425 materials and still counting, covering most of the subjects of Anna University Chennai, Madurai and Tirunelveli. We are also trying to cover Anna University Coimbatore and Trichy.

We make Students work easier by giving them what they need to write their examinations effectively. Our upload centre gives the opportunity for the student to share his own materials. So that, his name is given as a credit to that material.

We are proud to say that, we are among the top 3 in providing CSE Dept study materials.

Uniqueness :

Our uniqueness is that, we have student to student interaction. So that the direct difficulty of the student is known and is tried to rectified through our site.

Some of the results of these interactions are the pages, Inplant training , Project centre list, Nasscom page, symposium, etc.,
The whole STUDY++ section deals with overcoming the difficulty for a student other than his/her learning.

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