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16 February 2013

NIIT - NITAT 2013, Sample Question paper updated with Answers - Official from NIIT

We have attached sample question paper from NIIT to prepare for the NITAT exam 2013.
The National IT Aptitude test (NITAT) is a 100-minute test.

The test paper has the following sections.
Section 1: Verbal ability
Section 2: Numerical Ability
Section 3: Logical Reasoning
Section 4: Problem SolvingS
Section 5: Team work
Section 6: Result Orientation

Download the sample question paper

CSE TUBE is updating the content for NITAT.
On the way , We have posted the NITAT Mini test conducted in Facebook by NIIT.

There are 3 sets for this.
1. Set 1 - Click Here
2. Set 2 - Click Here
3. Set 3 - Click Here (With answers marked)

If you are online now, You can use the set 3 question paper and grab the 8GB pen drive gift by answering the questions in very short time of 11 seconds or less..

So don't wait, Download and enjoy.

  • Result will be declared from 22nd Feb onwards.
  • Visit your chosen NIIT centre to know your NITAT result & collect your NITAT Scorecard.

Special Benefits for NITAT Top Rankers on 2013
  • National Top 1000 students 
    Congratulatory letter signed by Viswanathan Anand.
  • National Top 30% students 
    Merit Certificate from NIIT.
  • Technology scholarships on NIIT programmes.

For more details, Visit NIIT Education

Need more material ? Visit www.csetube.in

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