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31 August 2013

Anna University Regulations 2013 - BE CSE Syllabus (R-2013) - Print Friendly and Students Friendly version

Anna University Syllabus Modification History:

Anna University changes the syllabus usually for 4 year in order to update it with the current trend. Syllabus is framed by Anna University for the affiliated colleges. Previously Regulations 2001 (R-2001), Regulations 2004 (R-2004), Regulations (2008) were adopted for BE Students. Now a new syllabus is framed under the name Regulations 2013 (R-2013).
Regulations 2013 will be functional from the 2013 batch of BE Students i.e for students admitted in Anna University in 2013-2014 batches and also for the forthcoming batches.

Anna University CSE TUBE Students friendly and Print Friendly Syllabus

Anna University

Syllabus for Affiliated Institutions

Regulations 2013 (R-2013)

1st Semester Curriculam

B.E. Computer Science

Subjects List :


HS6151 - Technical English - I
MA6151 - Engineering Mathematics - I
PH6151 - Engineering Physics - I
CY6151 - Engineering Chemistry - I
GE6151 - Computer Programming
GE6152 - Engineering Graphics


GE6161 - Computer Practices Laboratory
GE6162 - Engineering Practices Laboratory
GE6163 - Physics and Chemistry Laboratory - I

What's the Difference between syllabus in CSE TUBE vs Other sites ?
Our CSE TUBE syllabus is a print friendly syllabus. Especially the syllabus of each subject is aligned in such a way that taking subject wise printout is easy with CSE TUBE - Syllabus.

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Download 1st semester Syllabus - Regulations 2013 for BE CSE

How is our syllabus Students Friendly ?
Our CSE TUBE Syllabus has a smart navigation PDF File making it students friendly. In smart navigation, instead of scrolling pages to pages to get a syllabus for a specific subject , students have to click on the subject name in the first page. After clicking, the required subject is shown directly to the student without scrolling the pages. We have also provided scroll to top button in each page.

How is our syllabus Print Friendly ?
Our CSE TUBE Syllabus is aligned in such a way to facilitate students for printing it easily.
Each subject is kept in separate page to prevent print issues and additional page printing.

Know the changes in syllabus for Regulations 2013 - Find the Syllabus comparison R-2013 vs R-2008

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25 August 2013

Athena Health Hiring Process

Athena Health Technical Hiring Process

The technical hiring process of athena health consists of multiple rounds aimed at gauging the
problem solving, programming, testing and technical abilities of the candidates.

Analytical Test:
This round will assess the problem-solving ability, analytical skills and lateral thinking of the
candidate. It will be a written test with limited set of questions to be solved in one hour.

Programming & QA Validation Test:
On clearing the analytical test, the shortlisted candidates are challenged with interesting questions
that need to be solved programmatically on computers. The programming language can be chosen
from the list of available languages on our online programming application (C, C++, Java, PERL,
Python, Ruby, etc.). It will be followed by a quick test to validate arbitrary programs.

Technical Interview:
On successful completion of programming test, the shortlisted candidates will attend multiple
rounds of face-to-face technical interviews. The technical knowledge, competency and adaptability
are evaluated during this stage.

HR Interview:

A final round of face-to-face interview happens with the HR Manager.
Announcement of selected candidates:
On completion of our interview process selected candidates will be informed on the same day.

Issue of Offer Letter:
The HR team will send the offer letter to the candidates within few weeks after selection. A signed
copy of the offer letter should be returned within 10 days of receiving it.

View the Sample Interview Questions for Athena Health Here

For further details on athenahealth products and service offerings visit www.athenahealth.com or
watch our videos at athenahealth channel http://www.youtube.com/athenahealth

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7 August 2013



We need all our CSE TUBE users to register for it and try for it.. :)
Especially this will help you out for placement if TCS Campus Drives..


Coders from institutes across India are eligible for this contest. Registrations are invited from students in under graduate/ post graduate disciplines from engineering/science background with any specialization(2014,2015 & 2016 Passouts)

Participation Guidelines:

Students will have to Register on TCSL NexStep for taking part in the contest. A CT/ DT Reference # is mandatory for participating in the contest.
Each team can have only two members.
After registration begins, all participants will be required to register for the contest on Campus Commune. Each registered participant will be receiving a unique secret code to take part in the contest. This code is of utmost importance to take part in the contest rounds and should not even be shared between team-mates The Secret code will also be a part of login credentials.
Each team should choose a team name and the team leader.
During registration, the team leader should Nominate self as the Team Leader and also Nominate the team members. It is the responsibility of the team members to Accept the nomination/invitation.
In case a team member rejects a nomination, the Team Leader will be able to send a new request to another registered member from same institute to join the particular team.
The team will be formed after all nominated members accept their nominations
The Team Leader of each legitimate team will be our point of contact for any further communication with respect to the contest and will be responsible for updating the respective team members.
The team can be from the same discipline or may be inter-disciplinary.
Team members of a particular team have to be from same college/institute.
Team members have to remain constant throughout the contest. Swapping of participants within teams is not allowed and will lead to disqualification of the respective teams from the contest.

Eligibility Criteria:

Following is the eligibility criteria for participating in the contest
Candidates from the batch of FY14,FY15 and FY16 (i.e 2014, 2015, 2016 Pass outs)
Minimum age for participation is 18 years.
The following stages explain the structure of the contest in detail:

Round 1: The first round will be launched on CodeVita platform. Each Team Member will be required to log in to CodeVita to take up the contest. The link for the contest will be available on Campus Commune

The Top 300 or Top 5% teams( whichever is higher) who submit the best solution in the shortest possible time and meet the other judging parameters will move on to the next round. The discretion of CodeVita team and their adjudication of winners will be binding on all participants

Round 2: Contestants will be given a set of problem statements for which they would need to submit solutions.

Round 3: Grand Finale will be in one of the TCSL offices in India.
Each of the Top 10 team members will be required to individually demonstrate their coding abilities at this stage.

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