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17 June 2013

Anna university Online GPA calculator – Calculate your GPA and CGPA Online through CSE TUBE GPA calculator

Anna university Online GPA calculator – Calculate your GPA and CGPA Online through CSE TUBE GPA calculator

Anna university results are always announced in grades. Generally november / December and April / May results are released in grades without the credits.

Previously (Before combining of all Anna Universities), Credits were shoum with the results. Now, after combining of universities, discrepancies arises in each university credits to that particular subject. Hence Credits are not given with the results.

So CSE TUBE give you the credit marks for each subject to calculate the GPA. 

Online CGPA Calculator for Anna university, CSE Department

How is CGPA Calculated ?
CGPA = Sum of ( Product of credit and grade points) / sum of credits earned up to that particular semester.

How to convert CGPA to Percentage ?
CGPA is multiplied with 9.5 to get the percentage. However, percentage is not used for any university with grades. Its just for our knowledge.

The main drawback is that, Percentage reduces the feel of marks in GPA...
For example, if a person gets CGPA as 10, then his percentage is 95%. Similarily if a person gets CGPA 7.3, their percentage is 6.9. So Percentage is not used instead of grades anywhere.

Grade point average (GPA) is calculated by using the grades obtained in the respective subjects and credits for the respective subjects. Calculating GPA manually is difficult and long process having lots of misconfusions. So CSE TUBE has developed Anna university GPA calculator online and Anna university CGPA calculator for all semesters. Students can calculate GPA in our site in few seconds. Online GPA calculator is also avilable for all semesters of CSE Department. Many students also have doubt of how to calculate percentage from cgpa for anna university. When you calculate CGPA in our site, you can get it along with percentage. Anna university GPA to percentage conversion is also included in Anna university GPA calculator online.

Features of our Online GPA calculator & CGPA calculator:
  • There is no need of clicks.. Only typing..
  • GPA calculator for all semesters
  • CGPA calculator for all semester
  • Anna university CGPA to Percentage conversion
  • 100% accurate GPA and CGPA - You can check it with your marksheet.

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