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25 August 2013

Athena Health Hiring Process

Athena Health Technical Hiring Process

The technical hiring process of athena health consists of multiple rounds aimed at gauging the
problem solving, programming, testing and technical abilities of the candidates.

Analytical Test:
This round will assess the problem-solving ability, analytical skills and lateral thinking of the
candidate. It will be a written test with limited set of questions to be solved in one hour.

Programming & QA Validation Test:
On clearing the analytical test, the shortlisted candidates are challenged with interesting questions
that need to be solved programmatically on computers. The programming language can be chosen
from the list of available languages on our online programming application (C, C++, Java, PERL,
Python, Ruby, etc.). It will be followed by a quick test to validate arbitrary programs.

Technical Interview:
On successful completion of programming test, the shortlisted candidates will attend multiple
rounds of face-to-face technical interviews. The technical knowledge, competency and adaptability
are evaluated during this stage.

HR Interview:

A final round of face-to-face interview happens with the HR Manager.
Announcement of selected candidates:
On completion of our interview process selected candidates will be informed on the same day.

Issue of Offer Letter:
The HR team will send the offer letter to the candidates within few weeks after selection. A signed
copy of the offer letter should be returned within 10 days of receiving it.

View the Sample Interview Questions for Athena Health Here

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