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2 September 2013

Global English Interview Process

Global English - DLF IT park 10th Block, 6th floor

There are totally 7 rounds in Global English Recruitment.

Round I:
This round has some technical questions to answer. Time given is Half Hour
Some of the questions are
Access Specifier,
GET and POST methods
Finding output for a given programs
Android Versions
Some SQL Queries
Program to print stars in triangular fashion.

They had 2 -3 sets of question paper.

Round II (Face to Face):

Technical Questions
Project Explanation

Round III:
Some more high level programming questions.

Round IV:

Conceptual Round: A task will be given and evaluated.
Example: Login with User Access and Admin Access Module
After the evaluation, explain the code functionality.

Round V:
Face to Face with Senior Manager

Round VI:
Face to Face with Project Manager

Round VII:
HR Round.

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